Water Ionizer

Water Ionizer

Product Description

Brand Name: Water Ionizer

Functions: Water ionizer can produce alkaline water, pure water and acidic water, drinking alkaline water can make people more health, and use acidic water to wash face can make us more beautiful.
Size: 195*125*290 mm
Usage life: 10-12 years

1. Five step selections water PH fine adjustment.
2. Coarse filterPP sediment filter + active carbon + silver coated active carbon; Secondary filternon-woven fabrics + silver coated active carbon + hollow fiber ultrafilter.
3. Water PH value adjustable from 4.5 to 9.5.
4. Platinum coated titanium alloy electrolytic bath By applying the ion membrane imported from germany, extra high ion purity is available.
5. National patent V1.5 water quality control System is used.
6. Ti-Pt alloy electrophoresis. Technique used on nuclear submarine.
7. Major components can resist against Erosion-corrosion with super anti-corrosive
, With 8-bit micro crystal control chip imported from NEC in Japan.

1. With weak current closed-loop type follow-up and protection system, the electric current is adjusted by water flow.
2. Continuous large-capacity strong electrolysis. Automatic electrode reversing and electrolytic Bath cleaning.
3. Water PH value adjustable from 4.5 to 9.5.
4. Automatic message display for replacing the Filter element.
5. With upgradable program design.
6. With touch keys, LED and LCD display, stylish and human engineering is used for appearance design.
8. Automatic overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
9. With unique strong 5-grade filtering system.
10.0.01 micron hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane is used for the water purification.

Water ionizer is credited by health authority SFDA as medical equipments. It integrate purifying, mineralizing and electrolyzing technologies, produces the best available drinking water in conformity with WHO's 6 drinking water standards, most importantly, it produce negative potential, ionized alkalized water, which can neutralize the excess free radicals and alkalize our acidic body which are widely accepted as the underlying causes for a lot of modern diseases, from obesity, diabetes to cancers.
Water Ionizer is a new products with high-tech to bring Alkaline Water and Acid Water. Nomally, the healthy body assumes Alkaline condistion, PH value for water in our body is 7.35 to 7.45; If have out of this range then our body will feel not better and bring disease. Drinking our Alkaline Water can balance the Alkaline and Acid in our body, reacts on the disease prevention, and improve physique health care function.
Please know that our products are not only the general water purifier, water purifier only can clean the water by filter, however it will filtrate lots of Microelement or Mineral at the same time, so its not good than Mineral Water.
Our products brings the Alkaline Water which with abundant Oxygen, with very rich Ionic Microelement and Mineral easy for absorption, can balance the PH value in our body. At the same time, after our electrolysis technology, the water be small molecular grouping in ion with negative potentioal, can easy enter into the cell and vas of our organ, dissolving and cleaning the fat which block our blood flow.

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