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Back heat pack, reusable hot pack, shoulder heat pack, which is reusable

This non-toxic and non-caustic product is reusable and perfect for keeping foods.

Fresh, storing and ...
FOB Price: US $1.8 / Box
Min. Order: 2,000 Pieces
The product has integrated mechanism, electronics, and biology technology int one organic combination. The product has 5 inner-type high-speed strong fat-smashing motors, 8 kinds ...
[Name] NasAroma, Carsick
[Ingredients] Lemon Oil ect
[Standard] Q/320506EQ01-2007
[Package] 3 units / blister
1. Take out from container.
2. Insert gently into ...
Slimming patch
1. Extract works all day long inside your body - All herbal and no side effects

2. The natural way to lose weight permanently and anti-cellulite

3. For ...
Min. Order: 500 box
For the jade massage bed (fourth generation):
1) LCD color screen remote control.
2) Back electric lift.
3) The back interior has 6 jades physical therapies wheel.
4) Backs ...
Nasal strip

This is a hydrogel-based non-pharmaceutical product designed for temporary fever relief. Muscle paint, headache, and toothache.
Its high water content provides a ...
FOB Price: US $0.6 / Piece
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
Weight loss patch
1. Extract works all day long inside your body - All herbal and no side effects

2. The natural way to lose weight permanently and anti-cellulite

3. For ...
Min. Order: 500 box
1: An external detoxification method, which removes toxins through feet;
2: The body detoxifies while comfortably seated with feet placed in a container with warm water;
3: By ...
The Latest Newly Thermal Jade Massage Bed has more funtions than other type of beds, such as the functions of thump, vibrating and so on. The new bed also has the MP3 so that ...
This Alkaline/Hydrogen water stick changes bottled or tap water into ionized water on the go!
It can change water into alkaline water with negative potential and small molecular ...

The light wave can be seen all scope of wave coverage. Nocturnal Bugs and Mosquito can access to human and animals in normal sphere situation.

Mosquito ...
Min. Order: 1,000 Pieces
It is effective in reducing earache, itchiness of ears, headache, migraine, ear noise,
Stress and nervous tension.

You will be definitely amazed by the face lift effect and a ...
Make breast engalrger
Alkaline water stick
1. Good for health
2. Reduced ion water rich in mineral
3. Removing chlorine odors
4. Increase PH

Good for your health

Reduced ion water rich in ...
Zero Point energy pen
Increased energy levels
Raised immune systems
Improve bowel movements
Absorb cellular waste

The Nano Wand looks like a pen, but its not. It ...
Press and massage the eye with rhythmic vibration to better the blood circulation, accelerate the cell movement, relax the eye, prevent the short sight, and to improve the ...
1. Promote metabolism
2. Slim
3. Expulsion of toxin in body
4. Healthy skincare
5. Dissipate fatigue and good sleep
6. Eliminate damp

Direction: ...
Drinking mineralized water is the best way to be more healthy and beautiful.
Mineral Energy Cup used for Mineral - Energizing Water, Juices, Herb Teas, Natural Homeopathic ...
1) Apply Chinese traditional medicine into the modern technology.
2) Notable effect to prevent hypertension, control the blood pressure.
3) It has magnetic & germanium material ...
Neck: Two kneading heads.
Back: Eight kneading heads of two group.
Hip: Four vibrating.
Crus: Massage by kneading and clapping.
The back of chair can adjust three posions. ...
Relax the tension and pain of head effectively. Massage the special points in head and neck to improve the blood circulation, promote the movement of brain cells and ease the ...
Doormat which can aborbing water and dust. It′s best select for your home
Size: 40× 60, 45× 75, 50× 80, 60× 90, 90× 120, 120× 150,
120× ...
FOB Price: US $3.15
Min. Order: 500 Pieces
1. This product have two working systems. (need two arry plates, service for two person)In fact, you can get double benifit from it. At the same time,
2. It has record function ...
1. 11 jade balls,LCD,can be folding;
2. Pain Relief;
3. Reduces Stress and Fatigue;
4. Improves Blood Circulation;
5. Removes Harmful Toxins;
6. Improves the Immune System; ...
By adopting micro computer technology, the high efficiency degrease belt will directly act on the abdomen and back part with high efficiency vibration device. The ...
Cooling pillow, cooling cushion, cool cushion
Aqua gel pillow, aqua gel cushion, cool pillow
Perfect massage tapping belt, Tapping Massager
Designed with powerful tapping and knocking massage for shoulder and other areas of the body.
Equipped with 2 tapping rollers. ...
FOB Price: US $22.5 / Piece
Min. Order: 100 Pieces